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Diabetics in Abu Dhabi Must Have Medical Examinations before Ramadan

RamadanHoping to fast the coming holy month of , diabetic patients have been advised by doctors in the capital to undergo a series of medical examinations and consult with their physicians. Dr. Suzan Gharaibeh, Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist, Al Noor Hospital, said “People with have increased risks for additional medical issues associated with this disorder, such as heart disease and renal complications”. She added “So for those that want to fast, it is recommended that they first undertake a series of examinations to ensure that their bodies would be able to handle the long fasting hours”.

Due to factors such as age and whether patients have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes or any additional medical conditions, they must revise their doctors as they may be told not to fast. Dr. Gharaibeh revealed that “Those with Type 1 diabetes cannot produce insulin so they are more at risk of fluctuations in their blood sugar levels compared to those with Type 2 diabetes who have some insulin present”.

Dr. Arif Vayalilparambath, Specialist, Internal Medicine, Lifeline Hospital, commented “However, both have to be extremely careful when fasting. If their blood sugar drops to a very low level it may cause heart palpitations and difficulty in speaking, while if their insulin increases it could lead to rapid breathing and Diabetic Ketoacidosis [increased acid levels in the blood]”.

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