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Huge Efforts against Fake Drugs Production in UAE

DubaiA senior Ministry of Health official announced “The recent drop in drug prices will help curtail counterfeiters transiting fake medicines through ”. Dr Amin Al Amiri, CEO of medical practice and licensing commented “The Ministry is also planning a reduction in prices of generic drugs which are manufactured in Europe, the US, Arab countries and in the ”. This plan will be applied in Ramadan in August. The official added “The reduction in price of innovative drugs of between five to 60% will stop people looking for cheaper counterfeit drugs. We are trying to close the door to counterfeiters”.

Yasar Yaman, director of global security at Pfizer, an international drug manufacturer said “The counterfeiters have complex shipment routes. Large consignments of fake medicines pass from Asia to Europe, but he noted the UAE and the GCC states have strong laws to curtail this trade”. Dr Amin added “At least ten per cent of fake drugs found in Europe pass through Dubai”. Yasar explained that Beijing do a lot of efforts to stop the counterfeiters.

He said “Drug manufacturers are becoming more efficient at countering the fakes by enhancing security features like stamping holograms on drug packaging. The fake manufacturers do not care what they put into the drugs as long as they can make quick money. Some strong chemicals such as boric acid, cartridge ink and starch have been found in these drugs”.

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