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Prices of Medicines Still Increasing in Qatar

DohaDuring the last few months, prices of medicines have increased in by 40 to 50% with the introduction of new pricing legislation. The government control over retail prices has been ended by the law which enables importers to establish their own prices. The government’s decision to free-medicine pricing without more licensed drug importing companies was rejected by several pharmacists and consumers to break the existing monopoly in the market. The sudden increase with medicines prices being doubled has surprised both expats and citizens.

Hussam Al Sharif, a pharmacist said “The hike in prices of medicine due to abolition of exclusive dealers, the decision was not implemented. The drug prices in are higher than neighboring countries and dealers here are now exploiting the free-pricing policy by increasing prices by an average of 25 percent. This hike differ from one medicine to another sometimes 40 percent”.

He added “More dealers should be allowed before free-pricing policy is introduced. Also dealers are to be blamed for the hike not companies as the prices are stable in the international market. Earlier there was a 30 percent profit limit for dealers, now they can amass as much profit as they want and are exploiting the chances”.

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