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Choosing Good Optic Center in Amman is Important

AmmanExperts announced on Sunday in Amman that it’s important to carefully choose an to undergo any vision tests. Younes Dudeen, president of the Optometric Association () explained that only 120 of 600 optic centers in the Kingdom are members of the association, because membership is not obligatory in accordance with the JOA law. He told The Jordan Times over the phone yesterday “Also some optometrists rent their practice certificate to investors whose aims revolve around generating profits, regardless of the result and even the proficiency of the employees they hire”.

Hayel Obeidat, head of the ophthalmology section at Al Bashir Hospital, and Jordanian Ophthalmological Society President agreed, noting that the profession should be regulated. He added “The majority of the country’s licensed optometrists go to the Gulf countries. There should be coordination between the Ministry of Health and the optometric association to guarantee better services… We want citizens to receive better services and feel safe. People’s health is our priority, and they themselves should be aware where to go”.

Obeidat continued “A committee formed by the health minister two years ago had proposed amendments to bylaws regulating the profession, but there was no action to adopt the amendments. However, that we discussed the issue with the incumbent minister and he promised to cooperate with us”. In order to manage the licensing of optic centers and their staff, a committee comprising representatives from the concerned parties will be held, as Abdul Latif Wreikat, Minister of Health revealed.

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