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Major Problem with Low-Paid Doctors in UAE

DubaiMedical professionals in announced that it’s a common practice in the that doctors work on a commission basis in smaller clinics despite its unethical. Some clinic owners deal with low-paid doctors who will pull in patients with their reputation and are offered up to 20% commission by the clinics. Gulf News revealed that the commissions are offered after a certain slab is reached by the doctor such as getting Dh 50,000 business per month.

In order to overcome the expensive building of any medical facility, clinic owners have to resort to such means, as one clinic owner said. This practice is fairly common in the smaller emirates where the number of clinics has improved over the past years while in some professional fields doctors are paid as low as Dh 8,000. In Sharjah more than 500 privately-run clinics are located. “Such a practice occurs in the UAE, though it is unethical. That’s because of incentivisation” said David Headley, CEO of Emirates Healthcare Ltd (EHL).

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