Moorfields and MetLife Alico cooperate in Dubai to Provide Excellent Health Services

DubaiAn agreement has been signed in between (Moorfields), the Dubai branch of the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and . Through this cooperation, patients covered by the company’s health insurance policies will receive a special care and treatment. Class eye care services, consultations and treatment provided by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai are now available to holders of MetLife Alico health insurance policies. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai opened in Dubai in 2007 and more than 10,000 patients per year are treated there, with the added benefit and convenience of pre-approved cover for treatment and direct billing.

“We are pleased to sign this agreement with MetLife Alico and to join their Preferred Network of Healthcare Providers and look forward to providing care at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to patients under their health insurance program. The agreement will help these patients benefit from the extensive medical care and emergency medical treatment provided by Moorfields” said Dr Chris Canning, CEO and Medical Director at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai. The type of insurance cover held by individual patients will determine the services and extent of treatment they receive by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

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Moorfields and MetLife Alico cooperate in Dubai to Provide Excellent Health Services, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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