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SCH Trails Continues to Decrease Medicines Prices in Qatar

DohaIn order to stop the extreme increasing of medicines prices during the past few months, the () in is considering a specific request. An official said “The SCH can no longer fix the prices of medicines as per the new laws, but the laws do not prevent it from putting a ceiling on the prices”. This problem will be solved with new laws implemented recently allowed dealers to fix the prices of medicines. A governmental intervene is necessary due to prices rising to more than 50%.

“Expectations were that the prices would come down as the market opens to competition and more importers enter the fray. The ideal situation is to leave the prices to be determined by the market itself. But the authorities would be forced to intervene if some greedy dealers try to exploit the situation” said the official. Despite exclusive dealerships are ended theoretically, the existing dealers will continue to enjoy that status if the manufacturers are not willing to award agency rights to new importers. Also, in case a specific mechanism isn’t placed the current dealers would continue to dominate the market.

Nowadays, importers are allowed to bring medicines from their original country and any other agents in other countries. Industry sources said “Since the market is not yet ready for competition, prices of medicines are not likely to come down in the immediate future in the absence of effective government intervention”.

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