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Cooperation Between EU and UAE to Enhance Food Safety

DubaiA senior health official announced that will cooperate with the European Union to improve food safety and empower consumers to make healthy food choices. John Dalli, European commissioner for health and consumer policy, said “Reformulation of food products was also an important issue and food manufacturers in the have been pushed to reduce, sugar, salt and fat content.  It was important to reduce tobacco consumption, cut down alcohol abuse and tackle obesity. Tobacco manufacturers are putting up a fight”.

“The UAE and the EU also need to cooperate further in passing information rapidly during epidemics such as the recent H1N1 outbreak. Pharmaceutical groups were being asked to pool resources to manufacture new drugs. But developing new drugs is not the way, but to use them in the right way” he added. Patients explain that due to the covering medical insurance; antibiotics are freely prescribed. So, viruses become stronger with using antibiotics freely.

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