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NACA Established Mobile Mammography Units Available Across Oman

MuscatThe National Association for Cancer Awareness (NACA) announced the launching of a Mobile Mammography Unit (MM) in several locations across the Sultanate. These new units will help in facilitating free examination to detect any tiny lumps in the breasts particularly among women of 40 years and above. Also those units will address all basic information and awareness about other forms of cancers in general. can affect any woman and the rates of developing breast cancer among women increases with age.

But for men the chances of getting this type of cancer is said to be 100 times less frequent than in women. In the same time, a lot of women of 40 years and above don’t subject to this free mammogram examination because of fear of being diagnosed with the disease. However, those women must know that not all the detected lumps are cancerous, and not all lumps need to be removed.

Breast cancer is different from all other types of cancer because if detected at an early stage it becomes easier to be treated. Also, women with breast cancer have a better chance to get better prognosis and live longer than patients with other forms of cancers. A medical expert explained that breast cancer is a malignant growth that originates in the tissues of the breast. Breast cancer have two sources depending on the type of tissue it arises from; the ductal (tubes that take milk from the glands or lobules to the nipple) or the lobular (tiny bulbs or glands that secrete milk).

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