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Warning from Medical Errors in Antibiotics Prescription in UAE

Abu DhabiDuring the last year, 825 patients had adverse reactions to drugs prescribed by physicians while 555 cases of were reported to the Health Authority – (). Those errors may result due to human or system error. The usage of and anti-inflammatory drugs is the reason of adverse reactions, as HAAD reported. Due to 2010 statistics; physicians in the emirate prescribe antibiotics to patients 34% of the time even for a simple ailment as cold.

Dr. Mohammed Abu Elkhair, Head of Drugs and Medical Products Regulation at the HAAD commented “Antibiotics and painkillers are the two most prescribed medicines by physicians. In an attempt to educate healthcare professionals on the right prescription practice, the HAAD organized a workshop for healthcare professionals at 50 medical centers and clinics in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain”. With this program patient care and safety can be developed and assessment of risk-benefit of medicines, encouraging safe, rational and effective use can be raised.

“The program will cover all 542 clinics and centers by the end of this year. Subsequently, the program will be extended to community pharmacies and will finally be integrated to include a voluntary public reporting program (on any side effects) to the HAAD” added Dr. Abu Elkhair. After many cases of adverse reactions to drugs were reported to the HAAD, several actions were made such as issuing a warning to all healthcare professionals among the use of a particular pharmaceutical product, withdrawal or recall of the drug from the market, and changing labels or packaging of a product that may look similar to an existing product and could cause confusion when being dispensed.

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