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New Method to Simplify Medical Complaints among Doctors in Dubai


The Dubai Health Authority applied a new and simplified medical complaints procedure which will require testimonies of doctors and complainants only in major default cases. Doctors and complainants will no longer be interviewed to facilitate resolving medical cases faster. Dr Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Head of Clinical Governance Office, DHA Health Regulation Department said […]

Integrated Communications System will Increase Performance of Health Ministry Staff in KSA


In order to get connected to more than 250,000 employees, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists across the Kingdom’s 13 regions, an integrated electronic communications system has been applied by the Health Ministry. Dr. Muhammad Al-Yamani, adviser to the health minister and supervisor of the information technology commented “The system is part of a five-year […]

Mismanagement of sleep disorders can have serious financial implications for the Arab regions healthcare costs


Dubai, UAE: Roughly 35 to 40 per cent of UAE residents have suffered from a sleep disorder at some point in their life. Many of the cases are related to Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), which interrupts normal breathing during sleep. The problem seems to get worse with another rising health threat in the UAE; […]

Al Amal Hospital in Doha is Awarded IAEA Highest Rating


It was announced by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that the Department of Radiation Oncology at Al Amal Hospital in Doha is a Centre of Competence under its Quality Assurance in Radiation Oncology Program. This announcement means that radiation oncology care at the hospital, one of the region’s leading radiation therapy providers became […]

New Hospital to be established by NMC Healthcare and Dubai Investments Park


NMC Healthcare now has more than 20,853 square meters of space to build an advanced hospital that provides comprehensive healthcare services to the residents and employees at the community. This space was allocated by Dubai Investments Park (DIP), the largest mixed-use development in the UAE and a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC. Khalid Bin […]

Cervical Cancer Still Represents a Major Problem for Women in UAE


The cervical cancer is still the second cause for cancer-related deaths among women in UAE despite the availability of its effective vaccine. Dr Jalaa Taher, senior program manager at the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) said during the 2nd National Women’s Health Conference “An average of 55 new cases are diagnosed every year across […]

Unfinished Hospital in Riyadh will be Named after Prince Muhammad


It was announced by Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah that east Riyadh hospital which is almost finished will be named after Prince Muhammad as ordered the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah. Prince Muhammad was the fourth son of King Abdul Aziz and a former governor of Madinah. He built several hospitals, […]

QU Aims to Expand Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking across Qatar


Qatar University (QU) hosted a seminar at the Department of Health Sciences last Sunday discussing cord blood stem cell banking and procedures currently operated in Qatar to provide the required cord blood stem cells. Chris Goodman, Director of Operations at Virgin Health Bank LLC, a cord blood stem cell bank located at Qatar Science […]

Jordan is Free from H1N1 Flu Cases since April


The rumors that been said across Jordan that a new H1N1 flu case had appeared at Al Bashir Hospital have been denied by the Ministry of Health. Health minister confirmed that since April no cases have been found in the Kingdom in addition to the announcement that made by the World Health Organization in […]

GE Healthcare and Neste Jacobs to Provide Blood Plasma Products


GE Healthcare, the healthcare business of GE, and Neste Jacobs Oy, a leading global expert in plasma fractionation plant engineering design and construction, cooperated together to make countries worldwide self-sufficient in the manufacture of blood plasma products. This plan will gather GE Healthcare‘s expertise in bioprocessing for plasma fractionation with Neste Jacobs‘s global bio-engineering […]