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Jordan is Free from H1N1 Flu Cases since April

AmmanThe rumors that been said across that a new case had appeared at Al Bashir Hospital have been denied by the Ministry of Health. Health minister confirmed that since April no cases have been found in the Kingdom in addition to the announcement that made by the World Health Organization in October last year which says the H1N1 flu was no longer considered a pandemic, and it is currently classified as a seasonal flu. The ministry told The Jordan Times that even after this announcement, the ministry will take in consideration all the possibilities of discovering new cases in the country and will prevent them.

Also there are several available medicines to treat the possible cases. Since November 2009 more than 45000 people have been inoculated against the H1N1 virus. Finally, the ministry mentioned in September that the vaccine specified to treat this year’s seasonal flu can also fight the H1N1 strain.

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