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New Method to Simplify Medical Complaints among Doctors in Dubai

DuabiThe Health Authority applied a new and simplified medical complaints procedure which will require testimonies of doctors and complainants only in major default cases. Doctors and complainants will no longer be interviewed to facilitate resolving medical cases faster. Dr Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Head of Clinical Governance Office, DHA Health Regulation Department said on Monday “The committee decides which cases are minor and which ones are major. The committee will only interview complainants and doctors for major which require testimonies from both sides and not all major cases which are clear and have straight forward outcomes. However, the committee will interview every case which is considered to be that of malpractice and the doctor will be interviewed in such an instance”.

She added “We have had cases that have been resolved within a month but certain other cases have taken up to nine months. Previously, the medical investigation committee interviewed every case which fell into the ‘major’ category, irrespective of whether the outcome was clear or not. Now, we will choose only those cases which require an interview”. She mentioned “Major cases are complaints that need to be investigated immediately by a committee without assessment including procedures involving wrong body parts or a wrong medical medication which caused serious repercussions, including death”. In 2011 there were many cases; one case was that of negligence, 12 were malpractice cases, 56 cases showed no malpractice or negligence and the rest are still under investigation.

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