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Replacing motor signal to the brain can lead to significant weight loss

Dubai, : Brain signaling therapy may just be the secret to fat burning and muscle building that we have been looking for in the Middle East. Soon to be introduced to the UAE anti-aging industry at the upcoming International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa (), which takes place 25–26 November 2011 at the in Dubai, signaling therapy is a new non- invasive technique presently used with stem cells, for rejuvenation, slimming and body building.

The Ion Magnum is a hand-made technology which was initially built at the London University to help Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Disorders where motor nerves are damaged. Developed by , who will be exhibiting at ICAAM Middle East this weekend, the Ion Magnum replaces the signal of the motor nerve to the brain, the way the pacemaker replaces the signals of the pacemaker cells in the heart.

“This is a heavy duty fat burner and muscle builder that is proven to increase thyroid and growth hormones,” says Dr Xanya Weiss, who is a Research Director at Ion Genius Inc. “The devices emit a complex analogue signal composed of up to 2,000 programs that re-establish a one way communication, going from motor nerve to the brain. By virtue of being in sync with the central nervous system, the device signal communicates with the central controls of the brain leading to the natural release of necessary proteins and enzymes that can either repair the damaged motor nerves or at least delay further motor neural degeneration.

“In a healthy body, the device signal is interpreted as the occurrence of long term strenuous exercise resulting in the release of thyroid and growth hormones that cause lypolysis and muscle hypertrophy.”

Weiss’ studies have proven that Ion Magnum treatments separate the red blood cells and eliminate bacteria and free radicals from the blood. Twenty minutes on the Ion Magnum is equivalent to burning up to 5,000 calories.  On average, you can lose three inches that permanently stay off with no sweat, no effort and no side effects.

Dr Weiss, who will also be lecturing about the effects of signaling technology at ICAAM Middle East, says: “The anti-aging industry in the Middle East has significantly developed in the past few years and ICAAM Middle East is probably the most enriched scientific conference giving a well rounded informational matrix that will enlighten the horizons on anti-aging and regenerative medicine.”

ICAAM Middle East, organized by EuroMediCom (organizers of the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress) and Informa Exhibitions (organizers of Arab Health), is dedicated to all aspects of aesthetics and anti-aging medicine and includes a clinical CME-accredited congress program featuring over 30 international and regional speakers and an exhibition featuring latest products and technologies in the anti-aging field.

ICAAM Middle East will open on Friday 25th November and continue for a second day on Saturday 26th November at the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa in Dubai. Trade visitors have free access to the exhibition on both days. For more information on ICAAM Middle East, please call +971 4 407 2743 or visit

About Informa Exhibitions:
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