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Alchemist Healthcare agreed to Operate Medical Centers in Kuwait

Kuwait, a -based investment company agreed to fully manage and operate one of the oldest and most reputable diagnostic and laboratory centers in . Al Masah Capital Limited an alternative asset management company operates Alchemist Healthcare which is part of Healthcare MENA Limited, a regional healthcare operator. Shailesh Dash, Al Masah Capital “Adding this center to our healthcare platform benefits us both on our geographic expansion after we solidified our presence in the UAE, and by diversifying our healthcare services by tapping into the high growth laboratory and diagnostic sector”.

It’s noticeable that Kuwait is among the top 10 healthcare spenders in the MENA region. Amitava Ghosal, partner at Al Masah Capital Limited, and board member of Alchemist Healthcare said “The centre has a strong brand loyalty in Kuwait, and we intend to increase the range of our services in the diagnostic space through tie-ups with international players”. The Kuwaiti government supports around 76% of the healthcare spending in Kuwait.

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