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Dubai Goes Pink this October with Breast Cancer Arabia

, : Arabia invites everyone to take part in , a month long event that starts on Thursday 4th October 2012. This city-wide event is aimed at unifying the efforts of fund raisers, events, activities and companies in the region wishing to support breast cancer patients and true medically produced and backed breast cancer awareness. Through the event hopes to redress some of the current problems with delivering ‘awareness’ in the region as well as raising money to directly help the women and their families affected by breast cancer.

Breast cancer treatment is very costly and not everyone has the means to afford it,” says Elizabeth Reyes, president, Breast Cancer Arabia. “Some women have medical insurance, but are not covered under their particular policies, whilst other women have limited or very basic cover through their employment or have no medical insurance whatsoever. Together with our Hospital Partners, the Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation can help these women afford their breast cancer treatment, giving them the best chance of surviving their breast cancer.”

By taking part in the ‘pink’ initiative, individuals, groups or companies can donate to the Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation. There are many different ways to take part in Dubai Goes Pink. Organize a Dress Pink Thursday at work and get your colleagues and bosses involved in the fun. Schools can arrange a cake sale or give a prize for the best pink costume.  Friends can get together and arrange a fun-run or a cycling event, for example. More information on how to take part and what type of events to arrange can be found on

“Raising awareness of breast cancer is of course is very important. We decided to host Dubai Goes Pink because it’s a great way of getting the community together to participate in different types of activities taking place across the city. Not only have we had pledges from numerous individuals and families, but Burj Al Arab Hotel will illuminate their famous sail with a pink ribbon as part of the ‘pink’ initiative,” says Elizabeth Reyes, President, Breast Cancer Arabia.

Breast Cancer Arabia is a free interactive internet portal that gives women high quality information about breast cancer and its treatment, a specialized place to get the right treatment and a support system. All the patient educational and medical information on the website has been provided by Dr. Richard Reyes, who is a Consultant Breast Surgeon from the UK. The information on the website is broken down into educational videos which explain the whole breast cancer journey, from finding a problem in the breast, diagnosis, adjuvant treatments, surgery all the way through to the follow up phase. Information can also be found on how to choose the right doctor and hospital to treat your breast cancer.

For more information about Breast Cancer Arabia, please visit

For media enquiries, please contact:

Elizabeth Reyes

President, Breast Cancer Arabia

Mob: +971 55 480 1611



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