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Hand Rejuvenation Procedures Prevalent Practice Amongst Women and Men in Middle Eastern Societies

, :  Hands are known to reveal an individual’s age more than any other area in the human body, mainly because people may pay the least attention to their hands. One of the most common reasons individuals opt for techniques in the Middle East are for the development of sun or age spots,  loss of volume or shrinking of skin on the surface  that usually results in hollowing of hands in addition to the presence of fine lines on the hand giving it an shriveled aged appearance.

Dr. Chytra Anand is a specialized dermatologist and member of the European Academy of Dermatology will discuss hand rejuvenation techniques at the 5th International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-Aging Medicine & Medical Spa (ICAAM Middle East), which takes place on 23-24 November 2012 at the Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa in Dubai, UAE.

According to Dr. Chytra, “The most common hand rejuvenation procedures depend on the skin type and the condition being treated. Sun or age spots for instance require the use of chemical peels such as TCA or laser using the Q switch ND YAG in order to create pigmentation changes on the hands. If the skin is in poor condition a fractional Erbium Glass laser or Co2 laser can be used to resurface the skin and give it new healthier tissue and therefore enhancing its appearance.”

Another common hand rejuvenation procedure used to treat the loss of volume in the hands is using injectable fillers. “Fillers such as and/or replace the lost volume and plump up the skin therefore creating a more youthful appearance. Fine lines give hands a shriveled look and the common procedure in this situation would consist of hydration of the hands using Restylane Vital, IAL, or Mesotherapy. These procedures may also be combined with applying radio frequency waves to the hands to improve the skin quality,” says Dr. Chytra.

Some of the most commonly used treatments are injectables such as Juvederm Ultra Plus, IAL or Radiesse. Ultraplus, is a temporary Hyaluronic acid filler that gives volume to the hands and its results can last up to one year. Radiesse is longer lasting temporary filler using calcium hydroxyl apatite. It works by volumising the skin on the hand and is also proven to stimulate collagen production and its effects last up to one year. IAL is hydrating filler used mainly for skin hydration. Its application requires receiving an injection on a quarterly basis and helps in decreasing early signs of aging on the hands.

“In terms of pricing, I would not term the procedure expensive,” says Dr. Chytra. “The quantity of the product depends on aging hand. Fillers are typically done once a year. There is some swelling for up to 72 hours post injection, bruising is a possibility and, if it happens, it can last up to one week. There is mild discomfort for up to 48 hours in the injected area but most patients are comfortable and happy post procedure with the results.”

ICAAM Middle East, organized by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions under the scientific supervision of the The World Society Interdisciplinary of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM), is intended to be a very practical congress proposing an advanced program for advanced practitioners as well as aging solutions for a better global management of patients.

Topics for this year include breast augmentation, injectables, facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and hair transplantation, and many more. ICAAM Middle East will also host 20 high profile exhibitors who will showcase different brands from around the world, embracing all areas of medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic technology.

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