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Synbiotix and Health Matrix Announce Partnership Agreement

London (England), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 23rd April, 2013 – Synbiotix, the leading provider of clinical audit and governance solutions for the measuring and monitoring of clinical and non-clinical performance have announced a partnership with Health Matrix Corporation which is believed will begin to answer the growing demand for meaningful key performance data in the region’s healthcare sector.

Synbiotix and Health Matrix announce partnership agreement to bring a new focus to the measuring and monitoring of clinical performance and governance in the Middle East.

Synbiotix and Health Matrix announce partnership agreement to bring a new focus to the measuring and monitoring of clinical performance and governance in the Middle East.

Whilst focus in the past has been on building new healthcare facilities in the region, it’s only been in recent years that the attention has begun to be paid to how these facilities are run and the quality of care they are delivering. An important part of this is being able to capture key information at the point of care; a ward or department, that, when analysed in context, identifies areas for improvement and allows managers, senior managers and board-level executives to make necessary changes. ‘Ward to Board’ visibility of key performance metrics, captured and displayed in real-time through simple, clear web-based interfaces, allows organisations to identify gaps much faster and implement solutions much sooner.

Joe Lynham, CEO of Synbiotix commented on the agreement, “The partnership with Health Matrix is a significant step forward for Synbiotix and will allow us to work with an established leader in the provision of health IT solutions in the region. We are confident that the Middle East, which has long been of interest to us, represents great potential for growth and expansion and our solutions, which we have proven in the last ten years of operation in the UK and Cyprus, will allow the region to begin capturing meaningful and useful performance data which can be used to drive standards improvements in all areas of healthcare service provision.”

Abdul Rahman Qasim, CEO of Health Matrix added, “Today, the Middle East Healthcare sector faces a growing demand towards additional governance mechanisms to ensure efficient quality of treatment. Clinical governance itself presents a new challenge – to incorporatebest practices of clinical audit and quality within healthcare organizations’ day-to-day operations. We are confident that Synbiotix has the right tools and know-how to bring an increasing multi-professionalparticipation within healthcare organizations and achieve better outcomes of care towards improved patient care”.

To formally launch the partnership, Synbiotix will be exhibiting alongside Health Matrix at theMinistry of Health and HIMSS ME 2013 Conference and Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 30thApril and 1st May.

About Synbiotix

Founded in 2003 and with offices in London, Cyprus and Ireland, Synbiotix is an established healthcare technology company delivering solutions to some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations in the world.

With the vision of continually designing and building fit-for-purpose solutions within a modular and scalable platform, the Synbiotix name has become synonymous with quality both in terms of delivery of service and the systems it provides. Many healthcare organizations, including large teaching hospitals, rely heavily on the data captured in Synbiotix for board-level decisions relating to strategy, performance, risk and overall governance.

The partnership working approach adopted by Synbiotix allows healthcare organizations to draw on the considerable experience of the team in terms of best practice and ‘gold-standard’ working as well as the required technical capability, whilst having the flexibility to test new ways of working in order to streamline process and minimize administration time.

The result of this approach is a fully integrated and modular platform which encompasses a full Audit and Governance toolkit with a series of specialist clinical systems that have been tried and tested in one of the most demanding health economies in the world.

About Health Matrix

Founded in 2009 with operating offices in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Health Matrix is a specialized Healthcare IT Company serving healthcare providers and regulators in the Middle East region.With a long-term strategy of improving the healthcare IT in the region, the company is focused on helping clients to adopt best-of-breed eHealth solutions developed by world-class healthcare IT corporations. These solutions were developed with a core principle of elevating the quality of care delivered to healthcare recipients in the areas of patient safety, risk management, workforce management, policies and procedures, HAI case management and surveillance, healthcare eLearning, clinical decision support systems, clinical audit as well as primary care.

Capitalizing on our team’s solid experience, local knowledge of the Middle East market, client-centered service approach, and the unique association with worldwide leading software vendors such as Datix, Kronos, ICNet, MCN Healthcare & Learning, Pepid International, Synbiotix and CureMD, we believe that Health Matrix is positioned to play a fundamental role in bridging the gap between the region healthcare practices and the international standards.
We, in Health Matrix, are strong believers in innovation and deploying a cutting-edge technology to enhance the well-being of our communities.

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