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Checking In: Leveraging the Power of Foursquare for Your Medical Practice

When’s the last time you went out into the real world and didn’t see at least one person on their smartphone? These things are everywhere and one of the most-used apps out there is Foursquare. This program lets users “check in” to various places and compete with friends while on the go. If you want to increase your brand’s awareness, and improve interaction with your clients, here’s how to get more out of Foursquare.

Reward Your Patrons
Giving your clients loyalty points might be a new idea for you, but it’s something that’s been used in retail forever. Instead of offering cheesy “punch cards,” offer loyalty points for checking in on foursquare. This is especially important for your chiropractic new patients. Loyalty points can be accumulated for free sessions, for example.

Each time they check in with a confirmed appointment, give them points. The best part about this type of loyalty program is that it rewards the customer for taking action. You don’t have to do anything. Your customer must initiate the action and do all of the work. You can set up the rewards tabulation on the backend, so you don’t even need to train your employees to do anything.

A tip: make sure your clients know exactly how many points they receive for checking in and what that means to them in terms of gifts or prizes.

Offer Special Discounts On Unexpected Items or Services

Of course, you don’t have to offer free adjustments. You could give patients something that’s “off brand.” For example, you could hold a giveaway contest for a new grill, and give it away to the person with the most check-ins. Checkins that count are ones where the person books an appointment with you.

So, you can set up your rewards system so that you’re making money regardless of who gets the prize.

Give Something Small Away For Free
You don’t have to give away large-ticket items, either. You may not be able to afford giving away a grill every day. That’s OK. Don’t do that. Instead, give away small items or promotional items like a massage ball or maybe voodoo bands.

These would be things that could compliment your core services. So, for example, a cheap set of voodoo bands will set you back about $24 and they can help your patients remain pain-free in the most troublesome of joints. It’s a meaningful giveaway related to your core business that’s not cheesy, like a pen or a notepad – something nobody really wants.

Get Tricky With APIs
The German company GranataPet installed 10 different billboards in Munich and Berlin. When a user checked into the billboard on Foursquare, the contraption dispensed dog food into a dog bowl. The pet’s owner of course had to take the dog over to the bowl to eat. Check-ins were recorded on a distant server that connected to a black box within the billboard which, in turn, controlled the dispenser.

Each billboard cost the company just 350 euros to install – a small sum of money. Sure, the intended “customer” was a dog, but the human is who buys the food, giving the “dogs” a say in what they eat. Is there a way you can adopt this to your practice?

Maybe you can have check-in points at key locations in your city. Perhaps you can partner with other businesses and when people check-in, they earn pieces of a puzzle – when the puzzle is complete, they get something from you.

Or, perhaps you could use this as a way to condition prospects and clients to think of you whenever they’re back needs adjusting.

William Hanlon has a keen mind for marketing in today’s health sector. When he’s not working with clients, he enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of modern strategies for today’s marketing needs.

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