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All you need to know about curcumin capsules


These days, people are more health conscious than ever before. Even though there are a variety of fast acting medicines available in the market, people are showing interest in natural and alternative treatments. Experts have measured the effect of curcumin capsules, an extract of turmeric. These supplements are completely natural and do not have […]

New Identity for Al Nahdi Medical Company in KSA


The biggest Saudi healthcare provider of pharmacies in the Middle and North Africa; Al Nahdi Medical Company uncovered its new identity in the Saudi market. This was accomplished by presenting CEO and board member of Nahdi Medical Company Dr. Bander T. Hamooh, Senior Director of Marketing and External Affairs Engineer, Hosam A. Alqurashi, key […]

Health Tests are Vital for all Citizens in UAE


Regular check-ups become the most important thing to keep healthy. Marwan Ahmad Bin Galita, a member of the Federal National Council (FNC) from Dubai recommended these check-ups.

He said “Preventive health services would effectively serve the purpose of public health while dispelling anxiety”. He also asked Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health, […]

Meydan Launch New Hospital in Dubai


2015 will witness the launch of the first private hospital in Dubai offering a full range of rehabilitation treatments. Meydan Racecourse district published details of the nine-specialty hospital. This hospital is a result of a partnership between the Dubai-based Meydan Group , Mir Hashem Khoury (MHK) Group and the Korean health-care provider Bobath Memorial […]

DHA Installed its First Multi-Sensory Stimulation Room in Dubai


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) introduced on Tuesday a new multi-sensory stimulation room at Dubai’s sole centre for the elderly. This system contains glowing bubble tubes, projected images of calm oceans, soft colored lights and nature sounds.

This facility is the first of its kind in the Middle East named the Snoezelen (pronounced SNOO-ze-len) […]

MoH Shut Down 19 Medical Facilities in Riyadh


Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah decided to close 19 private sector health facilities in and around Riyadh yesterday. An official from the Ministry of Health told Arab News yesterday “The minister has ordered the closure of these facilities based on reports submitted by the field inspection team of the Directorate General of Health Affairs […]

MoH in KSA is Hiring Pakistani Doctors


Saudi Arabia nowadays is hiring a large number of doctors from Pakistan to work in the land of the Two Holy mosques. Khayyam Akram, deputy chief of mission of the Pakistan Embassy, told Arab News that applicants are being interviewed by a team of doctors in Pakistan from the Saudi Ministry of Health.

This […]

Stemmed Tibial Baseplate Revolutionary New Joint Replacement Product Launched at ICJR-ME 2013


Dubai, UAE: The International Congress for Joint Reconstruction – Middle East (ICJR-ME), organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, concluded last week having introduced the latest technologies in the field of orthopedic surgery, total knee replacement, arthorplasty and many other state of the art technologies, products, and pharmaceuticals developed for the joint reconstruction industry. ICJR-ME […]

Lands Lack in KSA Delays Many Medical Projects


A local newspaper reported that recently more than 37 healthcare projects worth SR 7.7 billion have been suspended throughout the Kingdom because of the lands deficiency. While Riyadh ranked at the top of the list; nine projects worth SR 3.2 billion which were listed to be executed in the capital are still awaiting the […]

The First Short-Stay Surgical Canter to be opened in Al Ghubra


For the first time in Oman Nova Medical Centre will launch short-stay surgical centre at Al Ghubra. (NOVA) is a company specialized in surgical care and fertility clinics. Suresh Soni, chairman and CEO of NOVA Specialty Surgery announced the opening during a media round-table discussion to mark the first anniversary of the company’s existence […]