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Making Healthy Choice – White Paper


A founding principle for the NHS in 1948 was that it should improve health and prevent disease, not just provide treatment for those who are ill. Sustained investment and reform in the NHS is already ensuring faster and more personalised healthcare for patients. As the health service makes rapid progress on treating illness, the […]

The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century


This White Paper sets out a programme of reform to the United Kingdom’s system for the regulation of health professionals, based on consultation on the two reviews of professional regulation published in July 2006: Good doctors, safer patients by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England and the Department of Health’s ‘The regulation of […]

Health And Social Care White Paper


Reducing health inequalities, the key themes of ‘Choosing Health’, the Public Health. White Paper.

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White Paper on Radiation Dose in Medicine

Tweet American College of Radiology White Paper on Radiation Dose in Medicine

Ionizing radiation has been used for diagnostic purposes in medicine for more than a century. The benefits are immense and certainly exceed the risks. The more recent development of remarkable equipment such as multidetector row computed tomography and the increased utilization of x-ray […]

Upgrading to RIS-PACS to improve radiology service

Tweet Imaging Center Chain Upgrades to Web-Based RIS/PACS to Improve Productivity, Service Speaking Out with Steve Canino, President, Island Radiology Management Inc., New York

Some healthcare facilities favor a best-of-breed approach where they assemble equipment from different manufacturers to suit their clinical needs rather than going with a single vendor offering a complete […]

Trouble in Multi PACS Paradise

Tweet Trouble in Multi-PACS Paradise

Is the trouble with a multi-PACS environment the technology or the marketplace? By Mary Beth Massat

Radiology is faced with a market paradox. Even as the radiologist shortage continues, the U.S. market for medical imaging equipment is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate […]

Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery Making the Case for BlackBerry Adoption

Tweet Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery with Mobile Communications PART FOUR: Making the Case for BlackBerry Adoption

Unlike industries that adopted the BlackBerry smartphone and other mobile computing devices primarily for email access during travel, the healthcare industry took a different tack. Doctors and nurses embraced these computing devices and used their PDA features for convenient access […]

SAP Support of the Healthcare Supply Chain

Tweet SAP® Support of the Healthcare Supply Chain’s Ongoing Effort to Ensure Patient Safety and Drive Business Value A Detailed Look at SAP’s Support for the Center for Healthcare Supply Chain Research® Blueprint for Data Management & Data Sharing

The Center for Healthcare Supply Chain Research (formerly the HDMA Research & Education Foundation) recently published […]

Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery Overview

Tweet Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery with Mobile Communications PART ONE: Overview

Healthcare challenges rank among the most serious concerns of communities around the globe. Multiple factors are driving many systems to the brink of crisis. Aging populations; emerging disease threats; rising healthcare costs; and shortages of healthcare professionals all contribute to the overall problem. Download Full […]

Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery Meeting Healthcare Need

Tweet Revitalizing Healthcare Delivery with Mobile Communications PART THREE: Meeting Healthcare’s Needs

How well does the current generation of wireless technology suit the specific needs of the healthcare industry? Recognizing that the healthcare industry has lagged behind other industry sectors in adopting wireless technologies including financial services, real estate, manufacturing and government—is the problem one […]