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New Medical Agreement between France and Lebanon


The National News Agency announced on Friday the new agreement that was signed between Lebanon Health Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil and the French government in Paris. Khalil said after his arrival to Beirut “The agreement aims to continue an ongoing cooperation within the health sector between the two countries”. This agreement will put a […]

Ferinject Treatment is Available Soon in MENA Pharmaceutical Market


A licensing and distribution agreement in London was launched between Hikma Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Vifor Pharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Galenica Group. According to this agreement Hikma will market Ferinject®, Vifor Pharma‘s innovative treatment for iron deficiency, in the Middle East and North African region (“MENA“). Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, […]

Reports Saying Cancer Cases in Lebanon are Increasing


Between 2002 and 2007, number of new cancer cases in Lebanon increased by 5% annually. El Nashra news website reported “The increase can be partially attributed to improvements in methods of registering patients, and to the new inclusion by the Health Ministry of non-melanoma skin cancer into the figures, after it began to be […]

Beirut Hospitals Aim to Get French Accreditation


A bilateral convention between the Health Ministry in Beirut and France will be launched to develop hospital standards in regards to healthcare and management. Nora Berra, French State Minister of Health, said “We defined today the main axis of our relationship regarding health matters”. Several issues are included in the convention such as hospital […]

Shortage in Irrigation Water is a Main Problem in Lebanon


A temporary ban is applied by the Lebanese agriculture minister last week as a result of the E. coli outbreak in Europe. The prevention was placed on imported bean sprouts and also samples will be taken of all types of vegetables entering the country. However, vegetable cultivation inside the country is considered a far […]

European Shipments are Banned from Entering Lebanon


Hussein Hajj Hassan, caretaker Agriculture Minister in Lebanon, announced on Tuesday that “The Agriculture Ministry prevented a shipment of wheat grown in Europe from being unloaded at the Beirut port, while three other shipments of agricultural goods from Europe were seized at Rafik Hariri International Airport”. This prevention of European shipments was applied after […]

Rafik Hariri University Hospital’s Employees to be paid Delayed Compensations soon


Wassim Wazzan, the Rafik Hariri University Hospital chairman told The Daily Star Tuesday that the compensations of the hospital’s employees will be paid on Wednesday. “The hospital’s payroll distribution had been delayed for a few days each month recently due to bureaucratic delays in transferring funds from the Health Ministry, which pays salaries” Wassim […]

Lebanon Hosts the Launch of a New Autism Center


On Monday the North Lebanon Autism Center and another center for the diagnosis of autism cases were launched in Zghorta. The Al-Midan Association will operate the two centers. A statement by the organization said “As the causes of autism are still unknown and as many as one out of every 100 children may be […]

More Production of Plasma in The Arab World is Needed


On Thursday, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, the Saudi Health Minister, stressed the need for increasing industrial production of plasma in the Arab world. He was speaking during a conference of the Council of Arab Health Ministers which is taking place currently in Beirut. Dr. Al-Rabeeah said “Self-sufficiency in plasma products in the Arab countries could […]