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Three Private Hospitals were Closed by the Ministry of Health in Oman


Three private medical centers have been shut down temporarily in Muscat for not obeying the ministry’s provisions of development their facilities. The closure was made by the Technical and Administrative Irregularities Committee of the Ministry of Health.

An official from the Ministry of Health told Times of Oman that the Ministry also slapped fine […]

Different Preparations at the Holy Locations During Haj


The ministry of health is the only authority to release health information in Makkah and Madinah during Haj, as Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, Health Minister announced. He commented “Major health problems such as an outbreak of epidemics or mass food poisoning among pilgrims will be communicated to the public only by the Ministry of Health. […]

Specialist Doctors to be Hired in Healthcare Centers in Dammam


Several consultant doctors are going to have interviews with the Ministry of Health to be hired in healthcare centers in Dammam. Those centers are currently served only by general practitioners. According to official sources in the Ministry of Health, Those new doctors will have gradually visits to health centers on certain days. In order […]

An Electronic Program is Newly Introduced by Ministry of Health in KSA


Spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Director Public Relations in Jeddah, Dr. Khaled Marghalani, said “The Ministry of Health is launching a unified program to allow patients to follow up their transactions electronically, in the Kingdom and in health offices abroad”. Patients across the Kingdom can check their transactions electronically, instead of visiting […]

A New Blood Plasma Derivatives Factory To Be Established In KSA.


In order to financially support the building of a blood plasma derivatives factory, the Ministry of Health in Jeddah has dedicated about SR800 million. “Before the year 2013, this factory will be able to generate 14 types of medication, containing those for cancer, skin diseases, burns, bleeding, clotting deficiencies, and other important antibiotics” said […]

No New Regulations In Saudi Arabia For Running Pharmacies.


The Saudi ministry of health mentioned that it has not converted its regulations controlling the ownership of clinics and pharmacies and dismissed rumors that rules have been modified in order to enable any Saudi to start up a clinic. Any Saudi may open a clinic or pharmacy regardless the employment of Saudi medical specialist […]

A Free Mobile Clinic Released In Sharjah By The Ministry Of Health


Free medical test initiative in Sharjah was released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health. The tests will be made on a mobile clinic will move from Dubai and then to Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, Executive Director for Health Policies at the Ministry of Health and Chairman of the Higher National Committee for […]

Ministry of Health In Kuwait signs an agreement with Toronto University


The Ministry of Health in Kuwait has recently signed a new agreement with Toronto University in Canada. The agreement aims to update cancer treatment procedures and techniques conducted at Hussein Makki Jumaa center.


Ministry of Health in Jordan to facilitate corneal transplantation


The Jordanian Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that is going to put more efforts to facilitate corneal transplants for patients staying at public hospitals. Dr. Nayef Fayez, the Ministry of health, said that his ministry is going to collaborate with eye surgery specialists to carry out transplant operations at ministry hospitals supported with the […]

Changes In Medical Fitness Tests Approved By The Health Ministry In UAE.


The Ministry of Health in UAE announced that the medical fitness tests will no longer include tests for hepatitis and tuberculosis, except for workers. The date of the implementation of the new rule will be announced shortly.

Only few categories will be still requested to undergo hepatitis and tuberculosis tests before gaining access to […]